Swim School Pricing


There is a $25 per student registration fee (or $35 maximum per family) per series of 4

Registration fees will be paid only once should you commit to

Series renewals:

  • 15 Minute Private Lessons & 30 Minute Group Lessons- $80/month
  • 30 Minute Private (Adult) Lessons- $175/mo
  • 30 Minute Private (Child) Lessons – $160/mo

on the registration date every month.

30 day written notice is required to stop monthly billing.

There will be no make-up lessons.

For traditional series: you must keep track and pay to re-register on your last lesson of the series in order to hold your scheduled time for your next series. Three days notice is required to freeze multiple lessons, which will only be honored once per series, and must be taken consecutively after being unfrozen.