Re-Opening June 1st – COVID-19 Rules and Regulations

D-Fit Members –

We are excited to announce the Re-Opening of our D-Fit facility beginning

on Monday, June 1st! Please be comforted that we are doing everything

we can to ensure your safety as well as the safety of our members and



While you were gone, we have been working hard to update and improve

the D-Fit facility!

We hope you enjoy our re-opening and wish you a special

“WELCOME BACK” to you and your family.


Please be aware, the COVID-19 Rules and Regulations listed below are

mandated by our Governor’s Office. These rules and regulations are fluid

and constantly changing. We are doing our best to adapt, but ask for your

patience during this most tenuous time.

COVID-19 Rules and Regulations as posted by the DDPH

Exercise Facilities:

  • Facilities may allow entry up to 30% of their fire code capacity. The

responsibility of strictly enforcing this lies with the store owner/manager.

  • Customers and staff must wear cloth face coverings in accordance with

the State of Emergency Orders.

  • Limited contact during check-ins and payment is strongly recommended:

Limit cash transactions; encourage customers to use credit, debit, or other

contact-less forms of payment. Cash registers and pin pads must be

sanitized after each use.

  • Stagger or spread exercise equipment to maintain a distance of at least

six feet.

  • Classes are allowed, but must be within current social gathering limits and

all participants must remain at least six feet apart at all times. Class area,

including floor and any shared equipment, must be cleaned prior to next

class entering space. Swim lessons and swim team practices/meets are

not permitted. Aquatic exercise classes are permitted as long as proper

social distancing is practiced and shared equipment is disinfected after

each use. Pools must operate in accordance with the Delaware Division of

Public Health (“DPH”) guidance regarding COVID-19 pool operations

found here.

  • Customers should bring their own workout/yoga mats. If gym provides a

shared mat, weights, bands, balls, or other workout equipment, they

cannot be used by another customer until they have been thoroughly

cleaned and disinfected. Use of this shared equipment is discouraged.

  • Employees should regularly clean all equipment, and customers must

wipe down equipment after each use. This includes free weights.

  • Customers should bring their own drinks. Water bottle refill stations can be

used, but must be cleaned regularly by staff. Use of shared water

fountains is discouraged.

  • Showers/locker rooms must be cleaned and disinfected at the beginning

or end of service day, and at least once in the middle of the open hours.

Customers should bring their own towels.

  • Facilities that have historically functioned more as indoor or outdoor

sporting venues (large collections of fields, courts, etc.) may open only

under these guidelines, and must not permit any spectators, except for

parents or guardians of the individuals participating in the activity. At no

time may participants in any fitness activity come into contact with one



In addition to the above State Regulations, we are taking steps to ensure

the cleanliness of our facility and safety of our members:

We ask you to be a part of that effort.

  • Please wipe down equipment, handles, buttons, weights, mats, and

any other part of a machine or equipment you touched with the

provided Sanitizing Wipes.

  • Dispose after each use.
  • Saunas, Steam Rooms, and Showers are CLOSED
  • Please ENTER using the front doors, follow hall to the front desk to

scan in, and follow EXIT signs once completed your workout. YOU


you through a back door and you will not be able to re-enter through

EXIT door.

  • Please practice ‘Social Distancing’ guidelines – 6ft away from

another person

  • MASKS: It is REQUIRED that you wear a mask IN and OUT of the

facility, in the locker rooms, and while walking around, however, due

to oxygen hazards, it is not required to wear a mask while working


  • If you are sick or ill, or believe you have been in contact with

someone who is sick or ill, DO NOT enter our facility.



PLEASE NOTE: Automatic Billing will begin again on JUNE 1st! If you have any

comments or concerns regarding your personal billing statement, please contact


Hours of Operation:

Mon – Thurs: 7am-9pm

Friday: 7am-7pm

Sat – Sun: 8am-5pm


We ask for your patience during this confusing and constantly changing time for

small businesses. We are working diligently to ensure a smooth re-opening for

you. We want you to enjoy our facility and services again while remaining safe

and within the guidelines of the State and the requests made within our facility.


D-Fit and the Ramone’s Family of Businesses Management and Staff, reserve

the right to modify any rule or regulation at ANY time in accordance with the

DDPH guidelines.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone for any reason.



Thank you for your business and loyalty. We are excited to see you again!


D-Fit Management